Thumb's up to NFL Commissioner Goodell

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thank God, Raven quarterback Vick has been temporarily 'benched'. Thumb's up to the NFL commissioner for taking such action. I just hope it's not an empty gesture to appease the 263,000 people who contacted the NFL, asking for Vick to be suspended.

Only time will tell whether the NFL will support right or the bottom-line $. The US Humane Society has now organized a campaign to email Vick's major sponsor, Nike. I joined in the campaign and sent an email to Nike because every day one hears stories of atheletes overcoming adversity who would beso much worthier role models than a dog murderer.

I was horrified by a local news story of a man arrested yesterday for cruelty to a whole pack of pit bulls he kept chained and starving in his backyard. Since it had been going on for some time before a neighbor finally called the police after hearing a dog screaming, I'm thinking that the Vick story may have had a small impact on people taking a stand and taking action. Unfortunately, a number of the dogs were in such bad shape they had to be destroyed, but others were saved and hopefully can be rehabilitated.