Those Darn Cats

Monday, July 30, 2007

Maddie here again as Carol's decided to work on secondary characters tonight, whatever that means.

I have a cat problem. Little Darling and I have arrived at an uneasy alliance where we tolerate each other most of the time. Every once and awhile, the dog in me gives in to a bit of barking and tussling. But Stripes is a different matter.

She's been holed up in Carol's writing room since I've arrived. Up until recently, I've rarely gotten a good look at her. Now she's playing a very irritating game. While Carol's getting ready for work in the mornings, Stripes sits on the other side of the closed door to the writing room. I can smell her, but she sits just far enough away that I can't nip at her in the gap. I get so frustrated that I bark and Carol comes and picks me up, removing me from temptation.

But two can play the game. Today I sat far enough from the door so Stripes couldn't see me anymore. The stinker stuck her paw under the door and jiggled it open [I grudgingly have to give her credit for that trick]. The moment the door swung in, I was through it. What fun! I got to chase Stripes all around the room until the coward ran into the closet and backed into a corner. I barked my head off until Carol, still soaking wet from her shower, came running into the room to grab me. What a spoil sport she can be.

However, there's always tomorrow for another round with the cat. A dog can only dream. In the meantime, Carol made me pose with Little Darling. Sigh, Maddie


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Eddie here -- Toni's "good" cat. Oscar says she loves him best, but I know better. When will Little Darling weigh in on this subject. I myself LOVE to type and am very helpful with task like IM.