Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When I heard the theme for tonight's AI was the Rat Pat, I thought 'oh no'. I doubted if even the contestants' parents had been born during the Rat Pack era.

But they blew me away tonight. If I had to pick the final 3, I'm leaning toward Danny, Kris and Adam. I'll never be a fan of Adam as he's too theatric for me. If I went to his concert, I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy myself. When I come out from a performance, I want to have a mellow mood. The singer I would most enjoy in concert is Kris, but I would also buy an album by Danny.

I do think this is the best final 5 I've seen in the seven seasons I've been watching [I missed year one]. :) Carol

Talladega Nights and Days

Monday, April 27, 2009

First, I have to congratulate Brad Keselowski for his first Sprint Cup victory yesterday. Obviously, he's got to be feeling a-okay today.

: Brad Keselowski : JR Motorsports : Hendrick Motorsports : 88 car NASCAR Nationwide Series : 29 car Sprint Cup Series 2008 :..

However, that race is going to be remembered for all those heart-stopping crashes. I didn't get home until the last hour, but that meant I got to see the grand finale. I cannot believe Carl Edwards's presence of mind. To go flying up in the air, crash into the fence, do a couple spins with rollovers thrown in for good measure, and then have the car burst into flames...he gets out of the car and runs to cross the finish line in homage to Will Ferrell's 'Talladega Nights'.

Ohmygosh. WAY TO GO, CARL!!!!!!! Like everyone else in the stands, I stood up and applauded. The Official Site of Carl Edwards

Great race. A thrill a minute. :) Carol

Congrats to Mark Martin!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

For his winning the Subway Fresh Fit 500 at Phoenix International Raceway last Saturday night.

Yes, I know I'm a bit late with the congrats, but last week I was attending a Florida Bar seminar in New Orleans. Sweet. Sit through a lecture in the morning and enjoy the French Quarter Jazz Festival in the afternoon. I had a great time, but when we got back, my friend's mother had to be hospitalized. She's doing much better, thank goodness, and is out of the hospital, but I'm way behind in catching up. I'm looking forward to chilling and watching the Talledega races this weekend.

:) Carol

AI results

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The AOL poll had it right for American Idol tonight. It was curtains for Scott. However, I'm glad that the judges allowed him to perform one last time since he's always come across as sincere in his efforts. If Lil doesn't get her act together next week, I suspect the judges won't exercise their save for her.

I have to admit, my fav part of the show was the surprise appearance of Frankie Avalon...I still love his voice and personality. Talk about career longevity!!! :) Carol

Is it Scott's time to go

According to the current results of the AOL poll as to who should go home on AI, it's lights out for Scott tonight. I'll be interested to see if the poll has gotten it right. :) Carol


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man, I'm getting thumb tendonitis from flipping back and forth between AI and DWTS...and my channel switching even continued after AI was off because I like the show 'Fringe'. Most nights I don't give a hoot what's on TV and they have to schedule my favs against each other.

I wasn't surprised by the bottom 2 on DWTS, merely surprised that Lawrence Taylor wasn't the one to go. Poor Kim. I wish one season that the show would give her a decent celebrity so she can take the title.

As for AI, I guess limiting the category to the year they were born was too expansive for some of the contestants. I didn't even recognize most of the songs performed. By the 80's I was drifting to country and didn't pay attention to the pop/rock singers. However, I thought Danny started the show off with a bang...then it limped along to the final 3 performances. I do hope Kris makes it through because I think he's got a lot of talent; just poor song choice tonight. Lil is really on a bad, bad roll so I expect her to be in the bottom 3. Quite frankly, she deserves to be. She has a terrific voice but no individuality. The fact that she performed a Tina Turner song was a major yawn in the expectations department. The only thing I'm grateful for is she hasn't done a James Bond movie theme song yet ala Shirley Bassey [or if Lil has, I missed it]. Allison continues to rock it, and I hope she's not in the bottom 3; she so deserves to at the top of the voting.

Still, we're about at that point in the season where a fav unexpectedly doesn't pull in the votes and is in danger. I doubt if the judges will use their save on either Scott or Anoop, but it will be interesting if any of the others get in trouble. We're getting to the nitty gritty of the competition.

:) Carol

Shout out to Carrie Underwood & Julieanne Hough

Monday, April 6, 2009

First, major congrats to Julianne for taking the best new artist category last night at the ACM's. However, I'm soooooo proud of Carrie Underwood. She's one of only 7 female country stars to ever win Entertainer of the Year. That is tremendous accomplishment. Even though I love and adore George Strait, I was thrilled for Carrie. I'll do my cheering for George when he's honored for Star of the Decade later on in May.

Overall, the ACM's were stellar last night with loads of great performances...and Taylor Swift's appearance engineered by David Copperfield was way cool. :) Carol

WTG, Jeff Gordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Woohoo!!!!!!!! Jeff Gordon not only broke his losing streak but he got his first Texas win!!! Majr kudo's to his pit crew for the magic they worked on that final stop and got him out first. I think Carl Edwards's pit crew will be practicing--a lot--this week. But I'm so happy for Jeff; he's been driving really well this year. :) Carol


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have to say that I'm not surprised with the eliminations last night on DWTS [in fact, I'm grateful] or tonight on AI. While I've enjoyed Megan from her audition, she hadn't progressed/developed during the last few shows so I figured it would be between her or Anoop. I suspect Anoop has a bit of the teenage contingent voting him through, but he needs to go next unless he makes a giant stride forward.

Kris is now my dark horse candidate to win. Most people I speak with have it between Danny and Adam, and I was agreeing, but that Kris. He is developing by leaps and bounds, and I enjoy listening to him. Very interesting season. :) Carol