The Devil Wore Prada

Friday, June 30, 2006

I had my beauty appointment today. As I predicted, while I was getting the full salon treatment, Carol went off to see 'The Devil Wore Prada'. When she picked me up, she said she enjoyed it but never could figure out what the 'Prada' part was. You see, Carol doesn't know one designer from another. However, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway were totally decked out and were perfect casting. The audience was almost entirely women with only 3-4 men. Definitely a chick flick, according to Carol. Funny, I thought the movie was supposed to be about the fashion industry, not chickens. Anyway, here's a shot of me hard at work by Carol's laptop. I think I'm the height of fashion with my pink bandana, don't you think? :) Maddie

Beauty Day

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maddie here. Carol's taking tomorrow off to make a three-day weekend. Something about a book deadline. Me, I was hoping for an extra walk here and there and what humans call quality play time. But oh no. Tonight Carol tells me she's made my beauty day appointment tomorrow. After I get a bath, the groomer cuts my hair, clips my nails and brushes my teeth. I think it's a bit much, but Carol always makes such a production over how pretty I look that I put up with it. The only thing I can't understand is why she has to give such a major brushing the night before. I give her a few nips to make her think I resent it, but when she's done, I stay in her lap for an extra itch behind the ears. You gotta take the good with the not so pleasant, I guess. Of course, I think Carol's going to play hooky from her writing and go see Superman while I'm getting beautified. You have to admit, the girl knows how to juggle her time.

:) Maddie

A Cat Leash Law?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Carol here as Maddie would be in favor of this item. I just heard on the news that a few communities around here are considering leash laws for all pets...including cats. Now, there has got to be more important items to be placed on commissioners' usage, hurricane preparation, road name a few.

But putting a cat on a leash? They have got to be kidding. Obviously these people have never even seen a cat let alone own one. If you've ever seen the movie Cats and Dogs, it sounds like some diabolical, cartoonish plot by dogs against cats.

Unbelievable. These government officials have too much useless time on their hands. They need to get a regular job and a life. Perhaps they should volunteer for a day at one of the local cat rescue organizations around here. They might learn something about cats...or not.

Sigh, Carol


Carol and I are going to leave the play-by-play of tonight's competition to our pal Karmela Johnson [] on her blog. However, we both really liked that Cuban rumba. Carol had to get up and dance a bit with me. I don't quite understand her enthusiasm, but I do my best, getting up on my hind legs and doing a bit of hopping. Gotta keep the girl happy!


Shameless Plug for Cover Contest

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There's a cover contest going on with my Courting Danger up for best cover. Here are the links for you to check out and vote!!!


:) Carol Stephenson

A Tale of Two Fathers

Monday, June 26, 2006

Approximately 2 years ago there was a tragic incident when a teenager was shot and killed by a police officer during an evening function at a school. Who knows what really happened that night. I've always suspected it was a pyramiding of one stupid action upon another by all those involved. However, when the father of the teenager announced he was bringing a $7 million lawsuit against the county, lo and behold, out of the woodwork crawled another man claiming to be the real father. After all the legal wrangling [making the attorneys very happy campers], the DNA results were finally announced today that apparently substantiate the woodwork man's claim.

Of course, he's never spent a dime on supporting the kid. He simply got the mother pregnant and disappeared into that woodwork for years, not even emerging after the mother died.

But fear not that his motive could be possibly greed! He's only stepping forward now to make sure the dead teen's siblings get some money and a foundation is established in his dead son's name. Such altruism.

Right...... What a shame we don't have any bridges for sale here in South Florida. But wait a minute! We still may have some swamp land...

IMHO, of course. Carol


Thursday, June 22, 2006

I was relieved to see Joy get the boot tonight. I wasn't sure I could stand much more of watching her lackluster performances. However, I was hoping that Heidi's partner would also get the boot as I think she deserves a better partner; I would have liked to have seen her paired with Dimitri. Unfortunately, poor Dimitri got another raw deal with his new partner. I can only hope that he can help Alek show better.

:) Carol


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Okay, my clear frontrunner to win So You Think You Can Dance is Benjy. While I wanted to root for a woman this year to take the ultimate prize, Benjy's skill as a dancer and his personality is a wonder to watch and enjoy. I think he would even get me to like the krump.


So You Think You Can Dance

My replacement show for American Idol so far is this one. However, for someone raised on tap and ballet, I am befuddled by all the supposed styles. Tonight there was a krump dance, whatever the heck that is. And the explanation made no sense and there didn't seem to be a real difference from some of the so-called other styles. If I were an alien, visiting earth here and there, I would have to wonder at the changes from the stunningly gorgeous Viennese waltz to flap dance to swing to disco to hip hop. I kinda wish the waltz would come back in style.

I know. I'm dated.

:) Carol Stephenson

Summer Reruns-a new opportunity

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I never can afford to get hooked on one of those continuity series where you have to watch each episode to fully understand what's going on. My main TV commitment is American Idol as I love watching the tryouts with all the bad singers. This past year I also discovered Bones and caught several episodes with the quirky lead. She's a major cerebral Bombshell heroine.

However, during the summer I do get to pick up a show here and there. Right now the Fox station is running a double-feature of House, and I'm appreciating the grouchy lead character. His 'good' days make me look terrific at my worst. Strange kind of a feel good show.

:) Carol Stephenson

The Ugly and The Good

Sunday, June 18, 2006

We had a news story this past week that demonstrated the almost downright evil...and the good of humanity.

A retired couple in Boynton Beach borrowed money in order to buy a generator because the wife has heart trouble and needs oxygen to live. The husband chained and bolted the generator to the ground. However, while he took his wife to a doctor's appointment, persons unknown stole the generator. Now since the thing was bolted down, these pond scum-sucking slime buckets must have scoped out the house beforehand in order to have the right equipment. They had to have known it was a poor, older couple, essentially helpless. They should have wanted to protect this couple.

Instead, they victimized the helpless. May these cretins burn in ever lasting hell. A life sentence in prison would be too easy. Me, I would tie them to a stake in a middle of a Cat 3 or higher hurricane and let them take their chances.

However, there was reaffirmation of good still exists. A man who, I believe, is a locksmith heard the news and bought the couple a new generator and helped them secure it so hopefully the cretins can't steal it again.

So a standing ovation to the good samaritan. Carol Stephenson

Hurricane Tip

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I had an early hurricane drill practice on Thursday night. A transformer blew with an awful noise at 9 pm and my neighborhood had no power. I ran to the gas station and filled a five gallon jug. There's nothing like in the pitch dark dragging out a generator, rigging it, and then filling the tank...I got a good portion of the gas spilled on me. Then also rigging the house with cords in the dark was so much fun. But I had limited power and a fan...the most important thing as heat index was bad...until the power came on early the next morning or.

However, one hurricane tip I just read really was a lifesaver that night. My cleaning angel had put away my kitchen flashlight and I couldn't find it in the dark so I ran outside where I have solar-powered stake path lights, grabbed one and used it as a flashlight. I then placed them all around the house acting as night lights.

So... 1) Remember to pull up those solar-powered stake lights before a hurricane because they could become flying missiles but store them inside the house where they can provide light when the power goes out. 2) Remember to put them out again during the day in order that they become recharged by the sun.

:) Carol Stephenson

AA's are done. Shadow Lines is finis!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today I faxed my author alterations [AA's] for SHADOW LINES to my editor. Now it's on to the printing presses and hopefully by early September I'll be holding the book in my hands. Last night I received a copy of the first Madonna Key book, LOST CALLING. I'd seen the cover on line but in's great! I love the flash and the image of the Madonna on the spine. By this time in July I should have the jpeg of my cover and will get to see what color they used.

But now it's on to writing my next legal thriller. :) Carol Stephenson

Shadow Lines Excerpt

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

In celebration of the launch of Madonna Key online prequel, my web meister and I've been working on revamping my welcome page [Yeah, I know. About time, huh?] We're adding a page for an excerpt of SHADOW LINES: . I hope you enjoy it! :) Carol Stephenson

Fallen Idols-the Madonna Key prequel

Monday, June 5, 2006

I'm so psyched. In a few more hours, the Madonna Key prequel, Fallen Idols, by Jenna Mills will debut on eharlequin. Before we know it, the first book will be out. I'm posting the links that hopefully will take people to the prequel. Jenna is a beautiful writer so I know we're all going to enjoy this adventure. :) Carol Stephenson Community - Special Event Online Read: False Idols by Jenna Mills (SBS)--June 6


Sunday, June 4, 2006

We've had a thunder boomer threatening most of the afternoon. Given the almost weekly occurrence of people being struck with lightning, one can't really go out but at the same time, the storm cell isn't moving. I've spent the weekend doing more hurricane prep work [cleaning out the freezer and starting bags of ice], writing, and watching Harry Potter movies. Maddie's tired out from supervising and has contented herself with loads of snoozes. I'm excited that the Madonna Key prequel, FALLEN IDOLS, by Jenna Mills will be up on eharlequin tomorrow. In just little over a month, the first book will be out and I should have my cover by mid-July. In keeping with the photo scanning project, below is my fav picture of my mother as a young girl. :) Carol Stephenson