Hurricane Tip

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I had an early hurricane drill practice on Thursday night. A transformer blew with an awful noise at 9 pm and my neighborhood had no power. I ran to the gas station and filled a five gallon jug. There's nothing like in the pitch dark dragging out a generator, rigging it, and then filling the tank...I got a good portion of the gas spilled on me. Then also rigging the house with cords in the dark was so much fun. But I had limited power and a fan...the most important thing as heat index was bad...until the power came on early the next morning or.

However, one hurricane tip I just read really was a lifesaver that night. My cleaning angel had put away my kitchen flashlight and I couldn't find it in the dark so I ran outside where I have solar-powered stake path lights, grabbed one and used it as a flashlight. I then placed them all around the house acting as night lights.

So... 1) Remember to pull up those solar-powered stake lights before a hurricane because they could become flying missiles but store them inside the house where they can provide light when the power goes out. 2) Remember to put them out again during the day in order that they become recharged by the sun.

:) Carol Stephenson


Latesha said...

Looks like hurricane season is trying to make you into a scout. Glad to hear that you weren't without power for long.