HER DARK PROTECTOR: My newest release is here!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Without justice courage is weak. — Benjamin Franklin.

A state attorney with a death wish; a business mogul haunted by tragedy. Together they must find incredible courage in order to fight the highest levels of corruption in the justice system.

In my latest Carina Press release, HER DARK PROTECTOR, I introduce the Justice Hunters and a hero and heroine who are both deeply scarred by loss.

Hero Jason Hawke is devastated when his wife, pregnant with their first child, is a bystander during a drive-by shooting and is killed.  When he learns the identity of the killer, an enforcer for a drug gang, Jason’s determined to exact his revenge until a long-time friend and mentor convinces him that there is a different way. 

A shadow society, the Justice Alliance for centuries has guarded justice and the rules of laws.  Whenever chaos threatens to reign, the organization steps in.  Calling themselves the Justice Hunters, the members come from all segments, from pawn shop owners to world leaders, but most have something in common: they have lost a dear one to violence.  As opposed to vigilantes, they strive to protect witnesses, find evidence and otherwise help to maintain order.  They have eyes and ears everywhere from the courtrooms to the streets. 

However, Jason’s initial sense of renewed purpose fades as the killer continues to evade being charged and instead rises in the drug world until he is a power kingpin.

Jason learns that a rising star prosecutor is building a case against the drug lord, but orders have been issued to kill her.  Jason’s mentor warns that the case is too personal for him, but Jason takes on the role of guarding the prosecutor at all costs.  She becomes the instrument of his revenge...if he can control her reckless ways.

Scarred by a childhood tragedy with the loss of her parents and brother, the heroine Gail Malloy grows up haunted by survivor’s guilt.  The guilt continues as other loved ones are killed or die.  She channels her restless, tortured spirit into becoming a state attorney who relentlessly brings criminals to justice.  But rather than bringing her a sense of accomplishment, little by little she is dying inside.  Not even relationships with men bring her back to life...until a hooded stranger in a dark alley sparks something more dangerous than she’s ever faced before: all-consuming desire.  Can she survive long enough to show Jason there’s a different path than revenge?   

I hope to keep you on the edge of your seat with this thriller.  What do you love about reading romantic suspense?

Happy reading!

Carol Stephenson

Congratulations to Mary, Ona & Traci! Maddie looked at the 3 names in the pot & decided all of you should get a free copy! 

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Her Dark Protector-The Art Fact Sheet

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Authors complete an art fact sheet to help the marketing and art deparments in placing the book and creating the cover. I've raved about Carina Press covers before as I loved the film noir quality of COURTING DISASTER and COURTING DEATH covers. However, to me the cover for HER DARK PROTECTOR is my best one ever. Did the Carina Press teams pay attention to the art fact sheet I submitted?  You be the judge.

VISUAL HOOK/MOOD: action-packed, suspenseful, dark; Justice Hunters

STORY LOCATIONS:  At night the heroine encounters the hero in an alley where she is to meet a snitch.

SETTING COMMENTS:  Most action occurs at night.
Gail Malloy, suspended state attorney:

Jason Hawke, crime-fighting business tycoon:

So there're the elements, and here's the cover.  I think they captured the essense. :) Carol