American Idol

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've been in laughing hog heaven since American Idol's been on. Since I don't imagine that the try-out's will ever go to my home state of Ohio, I was looking forward to tonight's episode in Birmingham, AL. My sister lives in Montgomery so I was interested to catch a few glimpses of Birmingham. I was also happy that the judges actually pass through a decent number of contestants.

This season's funny in that last season I focused on Taylor Hicks immediately, the year before Carrie Underwoord and the year before that Clay Aiken, but so far no one has really stood out for me. The 'wow' factor when I've heard them sing. However, there are still a few more cities to go so hopefully I'll see a 'wow' performer. Of course, if they're country, they'll do well. Josh Gracin, Kelly Pickering and the fabulous Carrie Underwood have had good solid hits. :) Carol

The satisfaction...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Of a project completed. I finished painting the patio floor today. Yesterday, my neighbor brought over a stone sander to see if we could remove the layers of glue and pain, but it made the surface worse. So I decided just to go ahead and paint it. I picked a medium warm brown and darn, it worked well with covering all the different stains. I slapped on a second coat this morning and what a transformation! After letting it dry thoroughly, I moved the furniture back on, taking the opportunity to rearrange it. I've been keeping everything arranged as my parents had. But how I use it now differs from when there were three of us congregating out there so I took the plunge to meet my needs. I'm tickled how it looks. And proud that I did it. :) Carol

Score one!

Friday, January 26, 2007

I took over a file in late November as the adjuster knew I had won on the same issue earlier this year. However, little did I know that the case had already been mediated so I about hyperventilated when in early December I received the notice setting trial for this coming Monday. Eeek! With the holidays it was a real crunch to get the depositions set that I needed plus try to shoot out additional subpoenas to get out-of-state records. All the while the other attorney kept saying that he wasn't going to try the issues and file a notice of dismissal, but did he ever put that in writing? Heck no. Did I rely on a dismissal? Heck no. So I kept pedal to the metal and kept deposing the witnesses and compiling the discovery. Even as late as this past Wednesday night, following a doctor's deposition the attorney once more said he would dismiss the issues and I just said I would see him Monday morning. The next day I shot out my trial summary listing the case law that supported my position.

However, I was wrong on my office bet. I'd bet that the notice of dismissal would be filed right before the court would close today...4:30 p.m. At 3:10 p.m. my secretary called out that the judge's office was on the line cancelling the trial for Monday as the attorney had filed the dismissal notice. Man, I was so ready to slam dunk on the issues. Still, now I get to have a free weekend to continue working on my patio project. :) Carol

Fun in the Sun Conference

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The countdown is on for the Florida Romance Writers' 'Fun in the Sun Conference'. This is always a fabulous conference packed with loads of events and workshops. Plus you can sign up to pitch to an agent or editor. By being hostesss with the mostest in 1997, I met my terrific agent Roberta Brown. Held this years, February 23-25, 2007, the conference features Keynote Speaker, Sherrilyn Kenyon with Special Guest Speaker, Eloisa James. Click on the following link to see the workshops and registration information. I hope to see you there!

:) Carol

Kwips & Critiques 2006 Wrap-up

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I know I always hold my breath when I hand my book over to a reviewer. After all, a bit of my heart and soul are wrapped in my newest baby. As a writer, I write my best with each book, but in a Sally Field's moment, I fret whether the reviewer will love that book. Through the years, I've been blessed with mostly favorable reviews. In wonderment I've seen both NORA'S PRIDE [Honorable Mention, First Book] and COURTING DANGER [3rd place, Romantic Suspense] receive an Award of Excellence nod from the Reviewers' International Organization.

Today, though, I had a first. SHADOW LINES was listed as one of Marilyn Rondeau's 2006 Best reads and received 'noteworthy' from Kelley Hartsell, both reviewers with Kwips & Kritiques. I'm so totally thrilled. I don't take this kind of honor for granted and will do my darndest to write the next book up to this level.

Here are the links to the lists:

:) Carol

Every inch of my body hurts...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My house is U-shape, and running along the inside curve is a patio where I spend a lot of time writing. The owners before me covered it with outdoor carpeting. Over the years with any bad storm or hurricane, water does seep into it plus my cats at times like to miss their potty box. In other words, the carpet had become ucky. So I put aside this weekend to rip up the carpet and hopefully just put on a coat of concrete stain. Ha! The carpet came up easy enough, but underneath the mastic [glue] had created a sea of dark brown stain. My neighbor has a pressure cleaner, but first stab barely chipped away at the layers. So first thing this a.m. I hit the home improvement stores in search of adhesive remover. Man, is that tricky stuff. I had to dab it on surface, cover it with 6 mil plastic drop cloth, roll over the top to spread the remover, wait 30 minutes and move onto the next section. Although I wore splash-protective goggles and chemical resistant gloves, I still managed to get the remover on me and had to run pellmell to the sink to wash it off. I have little red splotches everywhere.

Then the pull on the pressure washer broke so there was a delay to repair it. By that time, my back was starting to ache and the noise of the washer is killer, but I did get the chemical rinsed off. When the nozzle came loose, I decided enough was enough. But I still had to wet vac the acid residue up. Long day and I hurt everywhere. I keep switching the heating pad from my feet, to my shoulder, to my hands, to my back...

However, I hardly made a dent on the old glue and stain, which means I'll be doing this project next weekend. However, I'm going to get ear protectors and the back Thermal patch so I can power through better this time. Hopefully, the patio will look and smell much better when I'm done. :) Carol

Shoot him...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Locally, we had a horrible story of a prized polo horse shot and killed and another shot in the head but lived; the second horse belonged to a little boy. A beer can with a partial print led to an arrest tonight of a man who did confess to the shootings. His excuse? He's an alcoholic and after a drinking binge stopped to take a whiz when he saw the horses in the pasture. Since he likes to 'shoot things', he got out his Magnum and shot the horses. Guess what, dude? If I get on the jury, I'd be happy to vote in favor of putting you out of your misery. Carol

Feels good

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I had an idea for a paranormal that's been nagging me since July to be written. After I turned in a new legal suspense proposal, I decided it was time to indulge. After doing a ton of research [natch!], I ripped through the proposal and synopsis and sent it to my agent on Tuesday. She liked what she saw and sent out queries to a number of publishers, and so far 4 editors have asked to see the chapters...this really makes me feel good after watching Bombshell fold. Now does this mean a sale? Heck no, but I had a blast writing the proposal and it's gratifying that there is at least initial interest. Publishing is a process of one step at a time. :) Carol

The joy of researching

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Along with my web meister, I'm working on a myspace page. As I was composing the general interest section, I realized that one of my personal joys of writing is the research. I love exploring new places and trivia to weave intriguing bits of information into my books.

Take SHADOW LINES. I ended up with 4 reams of paper, not to mention the personal memories I drew on from my 1999 trip to Italy. I learned about the Cathars, the Black Madonna, and Spanish flu and added to my 'travels' Ponferrada, Barcelona and Vienna. I explored the paranormal world of post cognition and empaths. Pretty cool. I may have wandered across these topics here and there, but making a story idea come to life brings me in contact with such fascinating information. :) Carol

Bombshell Wake on eharlequin

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

T'is very sad. The last Bombshells are out. Eharlequin is holding a 'wake' where everyone can post their thoughts about this fabulous line with an all too short of a life. Sigh, Carol Community - ~*~ Bombshell Wake ~*~

President Ford

Monday, January 1, 2007

One of the biggest thrills I've had was seeing President Ford in person at the Republican Presidential Convention in the 1990's in Houston, Texas. For me, God blessed our country when Gerald R. Ford became President. He was the right man at the right time for the right job. His humanity and spirit of bipartisanship along with Betty Ford's strength and courage inspired me then and continue to resonate with me even though I left politics in order to pursue my dream of writing.

While it grieves me that the day job will keep me from viewing the funeral services as they occur, I will have a tape recording the proceedings.

My heart goes out to Betty Ford and the family during this difficult time, but I know that President Ford is slapping God on the shoulder and telling him a joke. He was one of the best. Carol