American Idol

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've been in laughing hog heaven since American Idol's been on. Since I don't imagine that the try-out's will ever go to my home state of Ohio, I was looking forward to tonight's episode in Birmingham, AL. My sister lives in Montgomery so I was interested to catch a few glimpses of Birmingham. I was also happy that the judges actually pass through a decent number of contestants.

This season's funny in that last season I focused on Taylor Hicks immediately, the year before Carrie Underwoord and the year before that Clay Aiken, but so far no one has really stood out for me. The 'wow' factor when I've heard them sing. However, there are still a few more cities to go so hopefully I'll see a 'wow' performer. Of course, if they're country, they'll do well. Josh Gracin, Kelly Pickering and the fabulous Carrie Underwood have had good solid hits. :) Carol