One bad celebrity

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye (whatever the heck his last name is) is an unmitigated thug. I waited to hear his apology...what garbage. He now is blaming his mother's death for brutalizing a 19-year-old girl on television?!?!

What a load of crock! On the Jay Leno show the cretin couldn't even look at the camera when he mumbled the apology without even saying Taylor's name. And most likely he's going to get away with his actions without any major consequences.

I also have a bone to pick with the audience of celebrities. Was everyone's butt superglued to his/her chair? When they saw this thug grab the mike and act eratically did no one think that Taylor could potentially be in danger? Was everyone such a coward that he/she couldn't rush up on stage and stop that monster's tirade? I would have hoped some guy in the audience could have punched the creep's lights out.

Where were the heroes? Oh wait . I forgot. These were people who pretend to be that they are somebody. Sigh, Carol