What is it about M&M's?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What is it about M&M's that they are such comfort food? Or such inspirational food? When one is searching for that right word, that illuminating point of characterization, that perfect hook ending, there's the handful of M&M's to help. When one is tired or nervous, there's the snack bag of M&M's to crunch away one's worries. When M&M's were created, they were made for the writer. You can keep fingerpecking as you chump on a mouthful. You don't have to lose your muse as you reach out and grab another handful. When M&M's were created, they were made for a writer. A chocolate heaven and haven. :) Carol Stephenson

3rd place RIO!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Woohoo! The Reviewers International Organization's balloting was quick. The winner list is up and Courting Danger placed 3rd in Romantic Suspense! http://www.rio-reviewers.com/rae/rae2005.html My humble thank you to all the reviewers who read my book and accorded it such a great honor. :) Carol Stephenson

Taking a break

Saturday, March 25, 2006

After meeting my last deadline, I decided to take a 2-week writing break. Yesterday I even used a vacation day. I researched an idea for a new book, napped, researched, napped, ordered in a pizza and watched a movie. It was lovely. I didn't go anywhere, I just enjoyed my house, being with my dog and chilling. Sometimes you just go to recharge the batteries. :) Carol Stephenson

Florida's Universal Center Has Changed

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Seasonal changes in Florida are marked by subtle variations in the plants. We watch the passage of spring into summer by the flowering trees: first the yellow bursts of the Golden Rod, followed by feathery purple of the Jacaranda and then the glorious red of the Royal Poinciana. Rather than winter vs. summer, we have dry vs. wet seasons. Snowbird vs. Non-Snowbirds. Humid vs. dry. But now we seemed to have lost our seasons. Everything's now marked by the hurricanes. We watch the approach of June 1st with a cautious eye. For the ocean temperatures are already 77 degrees and Australia just got plummeled by a cat 5 cyclone. We measure the passage of time from the end of the season by how many blue tarps still remain and the pounding of new roofs being installed. Right now our weather is tourist perfect other than being in the midst of a drought. But as the snowbirds head north after Easter, we'll begin our hurricane preparation. Still, I'm looking forward to our vibrant flowering trees. :) Carol Stephenson

Double Nod for RIO

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Reviewers International Organization gives out annual award now called the 'RIO'. Reviewers from Canada, UK, USA, Australia, etc. compile a list of nominations for the members to vote on. I just got the word that my book COURTING DANGER is a double finalist for both Long Contemporary and Romantic Suspense!!!!!!!! I was even more stoked when I received the list and saw my name on the same list for Romantic Suspense as Janet Evanovich and Suzanne Brockmann, two of my idols!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing a Snoopy happy dance this weekend!

:) Carol Stephenson

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Woohoo!!!! I got the call today that Courting Danger is a finalist in the series romantic suspense category of the 2006 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Contest presented by the Southern Magic Romance Writers. I'm so psyched! :) Carol Stephenson

Renn-Fest: Mudd Bowl

Monday, March 6, 2006

One of the more...interesting audience participation events at Renn-Fest was the Mudd Bowl. The actual story is a faint rendition of Beowolf, but the 3 actors all end up in a mud pit. Any audience member sitting close to the stage is almost guaranteed to get mud splattered on them. The kids loved it. However, just because one sits far from the stage doesn't mean he/she is safe. One of the actors goes out into the audience at one point. In the photo below he makes like he's going to drop a mud ball on someone's head. He actually ended up taking the man's sunglasses and putting them on before returning the pair. Yuck!

:) Carol Stephenson


Saturday, March 4, 2006

I went to my first Renn-Fest today. What a unique experience. I couldn't believe how entire families came in full costumes. I particularly enjoyed the sword fights and jousting. I have to say, I also had some of the best fish and chips since I went to school in England. Below is a picture of the show 'To The Hilt'.

:) Carol Stephenson

My agent

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Thank God for my agent. She's always there for me with her calming influence. Getting through the revisions has been a struggle for me this time, and I hit one change that I couldn't see my way around. Exhausted and frustrated, I called Roberta tonight and she started asking questions. As I answered, we discussed the pro's and con's of various solutions. As I tossed out my thoughts, they began to coalesce and suddenly the answer was there. The creative block was no more.

So revisions, here I come again.

:) Carol Stephenson