Florida's Universal Center Has Changed

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Seasonal changes in Florida are marked by subtle variations in the plants. We watch the passage of spring into summer by the flowering trees: first the yellow bursts of the Golden Rod, followed by feathery purple of the Jacaranda and then the glorious red of the Royal Poinciana. Rather than winter vs. summer, we have dry vs. wet seasons. Snowbird vs. Non-Snowbirds. Humid vs. dry. But now we seemed to have lost our seasons. Everything's now marked by the hurricanes. We watch the approach of June 1st with a cautious eye. For the ocean temperatures are already 77 degrees and Australia just got plummeled by a cat 5 cyclone. We measure the passage of time from the end of the season by how many blue tarps still remain and the pounding of new roofs being installed. Right now our weather is tourist perfect other than being in the midst of a drought. But as the snowbirds head north after Easter, we'll begin our hurricane preparation. Still, I'm looking forward to our vibrant flowering trees. :) Carol Stephenson