Double Nod for RIO

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Reviewers International Organization gives out annual award now called the 'RIO'. Reviewers from Canada, UK, USA, Australia, etc. compile a list of nominations for the members to vote on. I just got the word that my book COURTING DANGER is a double finalist for both Long Contemporary and Romantic Suspense!!!!!!!! I was even more stoked when I received the list and saw my name on the same list for Romantic Suspense as Janet Evanovich and Suzanne Brockmann, two of my idols!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing a Snoopy happy dance this weekend!

:) Carol Stephenson


Karmela said...

Carol, congratulations on your nomination!!!!!! I'm sending good vibes your way for the double-win. Good luck! Courting Danger is coming with me on my vacation. Sorry I haven't read it sooner!!!

Carol Stephenson said...

Thanks, Karmela!!!!! I sure hope you like the book. And color me green with envy as to your upcoming vacation. :) Carol