Hanging in there

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

For years now, whenever a person asks me how I'm doing, I've replied, "Hanging in there." Really, when you're asked how you're doing, are you going to respond, "Horrible?...My life sucks?" The question is a social convention to engage in non-threatening conversation; it's not meant to elicit the truth but rather a white lie: "Fine...good." So I came up with the phrase, "hanging in there." At first people had a startled reaction; now my co-workers often use the same phrase.

So it was with utter delight that I heard an interview with Elizabeth Taylor on Entertainment Tonight. She was celebrating her 75th birthday and the reporter asked her about how she's managed to get through all that's happened to her, and she replied, "By hanging in."

Way to go, Elizabeth! Here's to hanging in there. :) Carol

The Oscars

Monday, February 26, 2007

I've been watching the Oscars ever since I was a little girl [yes, Mom did make me go to bed at my normal time]. I love and adore movies...hence the award show. However, last night's production was miserable both in length and coherence. Special moments did include Jennifer Hudson's win and performance and Forest Whitacker's speech. Most of the rest of the show could have been scrapped as being over self-indulgent. And what was with Clint Eastwood grinning like a goof-ball and botching that special award presentation? Bleh.

I hope Billy Crystal is rested by next year. :) Carol

Great Conference!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I had such a fabulous time at the Florida Romance Writer's 'Fun in the Sun' Conference this weekend in Miami. South Florida delivered blue skies and warm temperatures for our out-of-state guests. My workshop with my terrific critique partner Linda Conrad went well Friday afternoon [we had a packed room!]. Friday night was a hoot-and-a-half with the Bedouin party and belly dancing. Saturday was jam-packed with workshops and boy, what an inspirational speech by Sherrilyn Kenyon! Sunday was illuminating with Floridian Idol where a panel of agents and editors listened to two pages and critiqued him. Simon Cowell, watch out!

My agent Roberta Brown and one of her other authors, the fabulous Sue Ellen Welfonder, attended so it was wonderful to get to spend fun time with them [photo, Lto R are your truly, Roberta Brown and Sue Ellen Welfonder. I also got to visit with good friends I only see one or two times a year, such as Elizabeth Sinclair and Jade Lee. Perfect, just perfect weekend. :) Carol

The 3-Ring Circus Court in Fort Lauderdale

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yeah, I know, I haven't been blogging much. There's a lot going on right now at the day job so I'm pushing many things to the side. However, the circus...er...county court proceedings going on in Fort Lauderdale over Anna Nicole's body makes me nauseous. I don't handle probate, but most everyone I've spoken with has indicated the issue is really simple: Anna Nicole's wish as to where she wanted to be buried.

Hmm, let me ponder the voluminous evidence. Buried her beloved son in the Bahamas...bought the plot next to him.... You think her intention was to be buried in the Bahamas?!? Hello????

IMHO, the judge's use of the proceedings to land himself a TV show is ridiculous.


Fun in the Sun Program

Friday, February 9, 2007

And for those in the frozen north, there's still time to register and come to the Florida Romance Writers' 'Fun in the Sun' Conference. Here's a link to the fabulous program! Just click on 'slideshow' and enjoy.


:) Carol

SHADOW LINES' cover placed 2nd!

in the romantic suspense category in the Houston Bay Area RWA's Judge a Book by its Cover contest! Of course since I wasn't the artist, the only kudo's I can take is for entering the book.


:) Carol