Hanging in there

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

For years now, whenever a person asks me how I'm doing, I've replied, "Hanging in there." Really, when you're asked how you're doing, are you going to respond, "Horrible?...My life sucks?" The question is a social convention to engage in non-threatening conversation; it's not meant to elicit the truth but rather a white lie: "Fine...good." So I came up with the phrase, "hanging in there." At first people had a startled reaction; now my co-workers often use the same phrase.

So it was with utter delight that I heard an interview with Elizabeth Taylor on Entertainment Tonight. She was celebrating her 75th birthday and the reporter asked her about how she's managed to get through all that's happened to her, and she replied, "By hanging in."

Way to go, Elizabeth! Here's to hanging in there. :) Carol