AI/Neil Diamond

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I remember when I was in college how thrilled I was to go see Neil Diamond live in concert. In total I saw him three times. Loved every show and always yelled my head off when he sang "Sweet Caroline."

Well, Neil and I are a lot older now, but he still can cut a few moves and I enjoyed seeing him on AI. I was soooo happy that Archie sang 'Sweet Caroline'; I had lived in dread that Jason Castro would warble his way through it.

But I was sad to see Brooke go, but I did 'text' in my votes for her so I did my part. Now I'll have to throw a few Syesha's way since I so want Jason to go bye-bye.

:) Carol

Oh Dolphins Management...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Were you watching Jason Taylor tonight? He wore Dolphins' colors to the Monday Night Football theme music.

Would you all quit jerking around and make sure Jason stays a Dolphin until he retires? We need him. Nothing but nothing that you can put together from that weekend trade can ever measure up to the caliber defensive end that Jason is.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Several years ago I saw Riverdance [I th at the Kravitz and loved, loved, loved it. I always thrilled to tap dance more than any other form of dancing. Tonight seeing Riverdance on DWTS was a pure joy. I understand regretably they're on their farewell tour but what an impact the production has had. :) Carol


When I heard that tonight was Andrew Lloyd Webber night, I shuddered. I knew that the contestants wouldn't be able to resist singing songs from Phantom and in particular, 'Music of the Night'. I was right and I shuddered again tonight.

'Music of the Night' belongs to Michael Crawford and Michael Crawford alone. While I enjoyed the movie because...let's face it...Gerard Butler is smoldering in any role, vocally he was not the greatest.

The big voices--Syesha and Carly--faired the best and I still love David A. I suspect the bye-bye will be said to either Brooke [she's an adorable personality, and I would miss her] or Jason.

Hopefully, next week's theme will be kinder. :) Carol


Monday, April 21, 2008

I finished the bookcase portion of the family room makeover on Sunday, and I've been slowly returning books to the shelves.

Several months I got rid of 274 books, mainly hardbacks, and thought I had freed up some space. Ha! Both Mom and Dad were avid readers and after Mom was bedridden, I bought close to 30 paperbacks a month to keep her entertained. I had boxes and boxes of books but over the past year had pretty much reduced the 'stock' to the bookcase and a cupboard in the laundry room. However, the books had been stacked vertically on the shelves, so I still had a lot. And getting rid of a book is always agonizing for me, so I'm taking my time in returning the books to the shelves to make sure my favs are displayed and then will have to decide what to do with the remaining ones.

But how I love the books--my parent's legacy. Carol

Proposal off!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hallelujah! At last my latest single title proposal is in the hands of my agent. Tomorrow it will be winging its way to various editors. I did a lot of research for this book and thought a lot about the layers for the heroine as I hope to be able to build a series for her. But first steps first. Get this book sold. :)

I have a few trials coming up plus I need to finish the family room makeover, which has been languishing since I began work on the proposal. However, I'm also going to try to work on the urban fantasy that's been gnawing at me for some time.

But one more proposal is done!!!! :) Carol


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I was cranky all day. It wasn't until I was speaking with a co-worker when I realized what the date was and more importantly, what the day is tomorrow. The 10th is the fifth anniversay of my Dad's death. Once I realized the source of my upset, I chilled out. I even resolved to give Dad's cat extra attention. When I came home to the deliriously happy Maddie, I instructed her that she had to be nice to Stripes tonight.

And then the amazing happened. It took 2 years for Stripes to venture out of the room where she's hid from Maddie. For 3months I had to keep the two separate. If Stripes is in one room, then I had to shut the door to keep Maddie out. Then over the past month, most of the time I haven't had to shut the door except for the occasional brouhaha.

Tonight Stripes came into the family room and jumped on the sofa beside me. I had to keep Maddie from jumping on the sofa. But other than that, Stripes slept beside me until it was time to do her nightly rounds outside. The timing is incredible.

So with Maddie at my feet and Stripes by my side, I am in much better shape to face tomorrow.


Proposal finis in sight

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I had to take 1/2 personal day as the a/c on the kitchen/family room side of the house had been blowing warm air. And yes, it's been in the low 80's in South Florida so a/c has been much needed during the heat of the day. However, the service I use ony gives you a 2-hour window. I had to wait until 9 a.m. to call in and get my slot, which was in the afternoon. I rushed into work, returned calls, did a little work and then had to head home. Of course, the service guy arrived at the end of the 2-hour period. So rather than drive myself crazy by trying to make up the billable hours, I decided to take 1/2 day off.

Consequently, I sat with the laptop on the dining room table, writing as I waited for the repair guy to arrive. I finished roughing out the 3rd chapter for my latest proposal. I have about 5 pages for the synopsis so I have to finish tweaking that plus tightened the chapters [note: need to work on the hooks]. However, the end is in sight for this latest proposal, which is a straight thriller/suspense. I've done a ton of research so I'm hoping the book will fly.

:) Carol

Nim's Island

Monday, April 7, 2008

I don't how this movie is faring with the critics, but I enjoyed this movie over the weekend. First of all, Gerard Butler in shorts is not hard on the eyes. Plus he seemed to have a really good time in the fantasy parts. Abigail Breslin is wonderful. How great it must be for young girls to watch a character their age with 'can do' determination in a movie and being heroic.

But it was Jodie Foster who had me rolling with laughter. How perfect. A neurotic action/adventure author. :) Carol

1st Swim!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My pool and the solar panel heating system have been toying with me for weeks. The pool temperature has been hovering close to being warm enough to swim least for a wuss like me. However, every time I thought it would hit the mark, it would rain. Not that I can complain about rain given the drought we had last year.

So when I went out to dinner with my neighbors tonight and heard that they swam in theirs last night, I came home and checked the temperature on mine. It had cracked the barrier. At long last I got my laps in. The swimming will be short-lived for the weekend as we're supposed to have a rainy one. However, that should only cool the temperature by only a few degrees so that will be only a temporary setback.

Swimming is the one activity that relaxes me and helps me sleep better. Once I get into the pattern of laps, swimming also helps the creative juices to flow. New ideas, new plot twists.

Hallelujah, my swims have returned. :) Carol

Three Men & a Little Lady

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I was sad to see Steve Guttenberg leave DWTS this week. I meant to write tonight, but day job's been hectic for the past few weeks. I had -0- energy when I got home so I pulled out an old favorite movie: Three Men & a Little Lady. Normally, I find sequels not to be as good as the original movie; however, in this case, I've always loved this movie better than the first.

I loved the chemistry between Nancy Travis and Tom Selleck and enjoyed Nancy's bigger role in the second movie. Plus it ends with they're getting married. For the Harry Potter fans, Fiona Shaw plays the head mistress of the girl's school.

But man, when I see how young they all were in the movie: Tom, Ted Dansen and Steve Guttenberg... Time is flying. :) Carol

Eagle cam

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My local news has been following a pair of eaglets, and I just learned that the eagle cam may not be operating for much longer. So here is the link to look at the cuties in case anyone is interested in checking out the eagles' nest while you can. :) Carol

Friends of the Eagle - Audubon of Florida and Ginn Clubs & Resorts

Indiana Jones

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last night I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. I probably have watched it over 50 times now, but I still recall the first time I saw it in the movie theatre. I was so blown away that I first dragged Mom and then Dad to see it. It would have been the last movie they ever saw in the theater. We then got the disc player followed by the video player, and they were content to watch movies at home.

But I have fond memories associated with Raiders. I plan to watch the entire series, leading up to the new movie coming out in May. I can't wait. I will be in heaven watching the Lucas-Spielberg-Harrison team once more.

I have to admit. Even though I've seen the movie time and again, last night was the first time I realized the bag carrier who follows Indy into the cave and ultimately gets speared was Albert Molina. It must have been one of his first movie roles, and he got that solo camera shot of rubbing his fingers as Indy replaces the idol with a bag of sand.

) Carol