Indiana Jones

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last night I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. I probably have watched it over 50 times now, but I still recall the first time I saw it in the movie theatre. I was so blown away that I first dragged Mom and then Dad to see it. It would have been the last movie they ever saw in the theater. We then got the disc player followed by the video player, and they were content to watch movies at home.

But I have fond memories associated with Raiders. I plan to watch the entire series, leading up to the new movie coming out in May. I can't wait. I will be in heaven watching the Lucas-Spielberg-Harrison team once more.

I have to admit. Even though I've seen the movie time and again, last night was the first time I realized the bag carrier who follows Indy into the cave and ultimately gets speared was Albert Molina. It must have been one of his first movie roles, and he got that solo camera shot of rubbing his fingers as Indy replaces the idol with a bag of sand.

) Carol