Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I was cranky all day. It wasn't until I was speaking with a co-worker when I realized what the date was and more importantly, what the day is tomorrow. The 10th is the fifth anniversay of my Dad's death. Once I realized the source of my upset, I chilled out. I even resolved to give Dad's cat extra attention. When I came home to the deliriously happy Maddie, I instructed her that she had to be nice to Stripes tonight.

And then the amazing happened. It took 2 years for Stripes to venture out of the room where she's hid from Maddie. For 3months I had to keep the two separate. If Stripes is in one room, then I had to shut the door to keep Maddie out. Then over the past month, most of the time I haven't had to shut the door except for the occasional brouhaha.

Tonight Stripes came into the family room and jumped on the sofa beside me. I had to keep Maddie from jumping on the sofa. But other than that, Stripes slept beside me until it was time to do her nightly rounds outside. The timing is incredible.

So with Maddie at my feet and Stripes by my side, I am in much better shape to face tomorrow.