1st Swim!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My pool and the solar panel heating system have been toying with me for weeks. The pool temperature has been hovering close to being warm enough to swim in...at least for a wuss like me. However, every time I thought it would hit the mark, it would rain. Not that I can complain about rain given the drought we had last year.

So when I went out to dinner with my neighbors tonight and heard that they swam in theirs last night, I came home and checked the temperature on mine. It had cracked the barrier. At long last I got my laps in. The swimming will be short-lived for the weekend as we're supposed to have a rainy one. However, that should only cool the temperature by only a few degrees so that will be only a temporary setback.

Swimming is the one activity that relaxes me and helps me sleep better. Once I get into the pattern of laps, swimming also helps the creative juices to flow. New ideas, new plot twists.

Hallelujah, my swims have returned. :) Carol