Sketching a Book

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I don't often post about the writing process as there are a lot of blogs with inciteful posts about writing. However, as I slide back into a writing frame of mind, working on a new book, I am aware of one different approach I use: sketching a book.

I already have an OneNotebook [electronic notebook] in process for HIS DARK GUARDIAN with GMC'S in process, research growing, etc. Over the weekend I curled up with sketch pad in hand and jotted notes. I started with one central plot idea in a corner and drew from there. Nothing has to make sense or be sequential as the sketch is not a chart. They're thoughts. 

They may trigger notes to research; they may lead to taking a second look at a character. What they mean is the book starting to mesh together.  I am a visual person and need to 'see' the ideas laid out. For a while I toyed with changing the hero's occupation but when I saw the fleshing of the theme, I knew I'd been right with the original decision.

My next step of the process is to draw columns for each major character and start listing various incidents and possible reactions to them.  As I braid the events in the columns, the characters' themes emerge. In my latest release 'Her Dark Protector', the themes were justice is society's glue, law of the jungle, 'I am above the law', justice has failed. Depending on his/her theme, a character's going to take a certain action in response to a situation. Their reaction may cause another character to react, again in accordance to his/her theme, etc.   :) Carol