Delray Affair

Monday, March 31, 2008

On Saturday I attended one of South Florida's oldest and now largest art fair: the Delray Affair. I have gone off and on over the years, and man, has this 3 day event grown into a monster. The street festival itself is free, and if you're lucky or go early enough in the morning, you can snag free parking. Otherwise, that's when the cha-ching begins with parking fees.

However, the main street Atlantic Avenue is cordoned off for blocks and blocks with booths everywhere. This year there were over 600 displays, from jewelry to, of course, art. Paintings, sculpture and every craft imaginable.

Fortunately, my friend and I picked the right day as we had perfect Florida spring weather. On Sunday rain moved in.

I'm thinking about using the event for a chase scene for the current book I'm working on. Nothing like doing research in person...and picking up a new art glass pendant for my collection. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Chase scene--good idea! This could be the modern Florida equivalent of the chase through the oasis bazaar that appears in so many movies. You know - fruit flying, chickens scattered, people hiding in giant jars or baskets...

Carol Stephenson said...

Oh yea, Toni. I can see it now. Flying lawn egrets made out of PVC pipe...a major 'buy' item I saw people lugging around. :) Carol