A dog always knows

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When you've had a bad day. I really hate when others waste my time for no reason. I also hate greed. Today I bumped into both on cases. In fact, the one that is wasting my time for no good reason got me cursing a blue streak. I still may gut the offending attorney tomorrow with a rusty spoon and feed his innards to the crows.

However, when I got home, there was Maddie, wiggling with joy to see me and gave loads of slurpy kisses. Then typically after dinner, she does her own thing, only checking on me occasionally to see what I'm up to. Not tonight. She spent a good part sleeping on my lap.

My second upbeat note was the news that two friends received RITA phone calls today: Kristi Gold and Cindy Dees. The RITA is the most prestigious award a romance author can receive; it is given out annually by RWA during a lavish awards ceremony. I'll be screaming my head off come end of July in San Francisco.

My third came tonight on AI when Kristi finally shone. I knew she could do it; of all the contestants, she's the one who can most benefit from the working with the singing professionals. Of course, David A. also got my text votes.

:) Carol