What is it about M&M's?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What is it about M&M's that they are such comfort food? Or such inspirational food? When one is searching for that right word, that illuminating point of characterization, that perfect hook ending, there's the handful of M&M's to help. When one is tired or nervous, there's the snack bag of M&M's to crunch away one's worries. When M&M's were created, they were made for the writer. You can keep fingerpecking as you chump on a mouthful. You don't have to lose your muse as you reach out and grab another handful. When M&M's were created, they were made for a writer. A chocolate heaven and haven. :) Carol Stephenson


Mary Stella said...

I adore really good chocolate -- but I always have a soft spot for M&Ms of all varieties!