Her Dark Protector-The Art Fact Sheet

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Authors complete an art fact sheet to help the marketing and art deparments in placing the book and creating the cover. I've raved about Carina Press covers before as I loved the film noir quality of COURTING DISASTER and COURTING DEATH covers. However, to me the cover for HER DARK PROTECTOR is my best one ever. Did the Carina Press teams pay attention to the art fact sheet I submitted?  You be the judge.

VISUAL HOOK/MOOD: action-packed, suspenseful, dark; Justice Hunters

STORY LOCATIONS:  At night the heroine encounters the hero in an alley where she is to meet a snitch.

SETTING COMMENTS:  Most action occurs at night.
Gail Malloy, suspended state attorney:

Jason Hawke, crime-fighting business tycoon:

So there're the elements, and here's the cover.  I think they captured the essense. :) Carol



LS said...

I love it when justice takes over and people get together. Can't wait to read. Is this a series? I have never read your books but plan to start. Would love to win....lsscarchuk@att.net.