Movies, here's to storytelling

Sunday, February 26, 2012

As I watch the Oscars, I think about the first movie I remember seeing. While I know I saw several Disney movies before, the one that first made an impact was the original 'King Kong'. I don't even recall how I managed to swing seeing it since I stayed up waaaaaay past my bedtime to finish watching it on the television.

I suspect my parents figured I would learn a lesson about begging to see it.  Noooo, Mom. Of course I won't be terrified. The movie won't give me nightmares.
Right.  Even then I didn't like to watch frightning movies. 

And scary didn't even begin to describe how 'King Kong' came across to a young, impressionable girl.  Although technology is now leap years beyond the 1933 film, then the ape was pretty darn impressive.  Still the Empire State Building scene was traumatizing.

My parents were right. I began to have nightmares with King Kong chasing me.  Finally one night I decided I was going to change the dream.  I made the ape my friend, and we suddenly were going on great adventures in my dreams with me riding on his shoulder.

This was the start of my storytelling albeit in my dreams.  As I experienced more  and more movies, I would replay them in my dreams and change those bits I hadn't liked.  I would make them mine.

Later I would write my own stories, but I still imagine riding on King Kong's shoulder as we swept across my dreamscape.

:) Carol