A Cat Leash Law?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Carol here as Maddie would be in favor of this item. I just heard on the news that a few communities around here are considering leash laws for all pets...including cats. Now, there has got to be more important items to be placed on commissioners' agenda...property usage, hurricane preparation, road construction...to name a few.

But putting a cat on a leash? They have got to be kidding. Obviously these people have never even seen a cat let alone own one. If you've ever seen the movie Cats and Dogs, it sounds like some diabolical, cartoonish plot by dogs against cats.

Unbelievable. These government officials have too much useless time on their hands. They need to get a regular job and a life. Perhaps they should volunteer for a day at one of the local cat rescue organizations around here. They might learn something about cats...or not.

Sigh, Carol