The Ugly and The Good

Sunday, June 18, 2006

We had a news story this past week that demonstrated the almost downright evil...and the good of humanity.

A retired couple in Boynton Beach borrowed money in order to buy a generator because the wife has heart trouble and needs oxygen to live. The husband chained and bolted the generator to the ground. However, while he took his wife to a doctor's appointment, persons unknown stole the generator. Now since the thing was bolted down, these pond scum-sucking slime buckets must have scoped out the house beforehand in order to have the right equipment. They had to have known it was a poor, older couple, essentially helpless. They should have wanted to protect this couple.

Instead, they victimized the helpless. May these cretins burn in ever lasting hell. A life sentence in prison would be too easy. Me, I would tie them to a stake in a middle of a Cat 3 or higher hurricane and let them take their chances.

However, there was reaffirmation of good still exists. A man who, I believe, is a locksmith heard the news and bought the couple a new generator and helped them secure it so hopefully the cretins can't steal it again.

So a standing ovation to the good samaritan. Carol Stephenson