A Tale of Two Fathers

Monday, June 26, 2006

Approximately 2 years ago there was a tragic incident when a teenager was shot and killed by a police officer during an evening function at a school. Who knows what really happened that night. I've always suspected it was a pyramiding of one stupid action upon another by all those involved. However, when the father of the teenager announced he was bringing a $7 million lawsuit against the county, lo and behold, out of the woodwork crawled another man claiming to be the real father. After all the legal wrangling [making the attorneys very happy campers], the DNA results were finally announced today that apparently substantiate the woodwork man's claim.

Of course, he's never spent a dime on supporting the kid. He simply got the mother pregnant and disappeared into that woodwork for years, not even emerging after the mother died.

But fear not that his motive could be possibly greed! He's only stepping forward now to make sure the dead teen's siblings get some money and a foundation is established in his dead son's name. Such altruism.

Right...... What a shame we don't have any bridges for sale here in South Florida. But wait a minute! We still may have some swamp land...

IMHO, of course. Carol