So You Think You Can Dance

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My replacement show for American Idol so far is this one. However, for someone raised on tap and ballet, I am befuddled by all the supposed styles. Tonight there was a krump dance, whatever the heck that is. And the explanation made no sense and there didn't seem to be a real difference from some of the so-called other styles. If I were an alien, visiting earth here and there, I would have to wonder at the changes from the stunningly gorgeous Viennese waltz to flap dance to swing to disco to hip hop. I kinda wish the waltz would come back in style.

I know. I'm dated.

:) Carol Stephenson


Karmela said...

Hey Carol, in case you are interested in Krumping and how it's different from hip hop, I recommend a documentary called "Rize." It's actually very uplifting and tells the story of the rise of Krump, and how the kids in South Central LA who came up with it were trying to turn away from the violence and drugs and mayhem of hip hop. The dance is very angry and aggresive, reflecting the frustration and fury of the kids who felt trapped in the cycle of violence in their neighborhoods. Hip hop has a more "feel-good" mentality while Krumping is definitely angry. Travis was dead-on. Martha, not so much.

Hehe, you post about ballroom dancing on my blog, I post about krumping on yours. We learn from each other, yes? :-)