Thursday, June 22, 2006

I was relieved to see Joy get the boot tonight. I wasn't sure I could stand much more of watching her lackluster performances. However, I was hoping that Heidi's partner would also get the boot as I think she deserves a better partner; I would have liked to have seen her paired with Dimitri. Unfortunately, poor Dimitri got another raw deal with his new partner. I can only hope that he can help Alek show better.

:) Carol


Karmela said...

Yeah, Alekstupid should have gotten the boot and Heidi should have gotten paired up with Dream-itry. Jason shouldn't have gotten kicked out; Ryan should have. But yes, that Benjy -- swoonworthy in a Geeky sort of way, yes? I'm rooting for either him, Travis or Jaymz (who I think has not gotten a chance to really shine yet).