Order of the Phoenix

Monday, July 23, 2007

I gave myself permission to veg this past weekend. I had pushed myself hard on the family room remodeling before I left for the RWA Convention and then got -0- rest while at the convention.

So...first thing Saturday I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie, Order of the Phoenix. I really enjoyed the movie once it switched to the magic world, but I found the inital moments to be disconcerting. The film quality of the scenes of Harry with the Dursleys was coarse. My guess is the director wanted to delineate the two worlds, but instead, I worried the poor film quality was going to continue throughout. Otherwise, I liked the expanded roles given to a few of the seconary charaters.

And yes, although I've never purchased one of the books before, I did buy the final one; it's going to be my bathroom reading book. And yes, I only bought it after I read a few blogs of the speed readers and learned about the ending. I was not going to buy it if JK Rowling killed off Harry. :) Carol