Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've so wanted a woman to win this year as the prior two winners were men. While one doesn't know how the popularity vote will go, out of the final ten dancers, I think overall the women are superior to the men. I adore Lacey, but I could be equally thrilled with Sabra, Jaime, or Sara [? I think that's her name] winning. The fifth female dancer hasn't really registered with me before so I don't know her name; however, she has had a good night.

The only bad note tonight was the choreography for the Viennese waltz...Spanish flavor?!? It really hurt the dancers and Jaime in particular. She's been spectacular up to now. Fingers crossed that she survives, but when it's down to so few, one bad dance could mean the end for her. Carol


Karmela said...

I'm torn on weather to root for a b-boyer to win or a woman to win. Maybe I'll root for a b-girl. Good compromise, eh? Go Sara all the way! But I love Sabra too. Sigh... Who did you vote for?

Carol Stephenson said...


I haven't reached the point where I'm calling in. I like several who are all still finalists. However, since it's getting close, I'll probably warm up the dialing fingers for the next round.
:) Carol