How to Remove a Wall Anchor

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yippee, I was able to access my blog the regular way tonight. Over the 4th, I chemically sanded and applied a coat of primer on the longest wall in the family room. It took me nearly the entire day. First, I ran to Home Depot [what's a holiday without a Home Depot run?] to buy needle-nose pliers to try to remove all the wall anchors my Dad put in for display shelves, etc.

I managed to remove a few with the pliers when my neighbor came over and gave me an even better tip: use a screw to loosen the fitting and then pull the anchor out. The tip worked...not quite like a dream as some anchors were solid in the paneling, but with a bit of effort I have removed the every single one.

So I have one wall plus the entry way to the family room left to do in terms of sanding, priming and painting. Then it's on to the bookcase, trim and cabinet. I may managed to get the wall completed before heading off to Dallas for the RWA conference, but I need to stop by Sunday. Gotta clean the house since the pet sitter and neighbors will be in the house to take care of Maddie and the cats. Then there's actually packing for the trip.

Memo to self: need 48-hour days. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Aaargh, sounds like work. Although on those occasions when I've fixed up a house or an apartment, standing back and seeing the finished result has been worth it.