Carol was a bad girl this past weekend

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maddie here.

My human Carol was very bad this past weekend. She went off to a convention in Dallas, leaving me alone to protect the house and...get over the two cats. Can you believe it?!?

Yeah, yeah. She did have a pet sitter who came to the house twice a day to feed me and take me on a long walk. In addition, the neighbor came over at night to take me out for one last break, but really. I could have had fun in Dallas riding in the stretch Hummer limo; I love going for rides.

Of course, I forgot my mad the moment Carol walked through the door. Shamelessly, I wagged my whole body and tai to welcome her homel. I also licked off all her makeup for good measure. She knew her place, though. She immediately got the lease and took me for a good long walk. Then life was back to normal Sunday night when I got to sleep next to her.

Here's a picture the pet sitter took of me. Can you tell from the body language how much I wanted the photographer to be my Carol?

Later. Carol has the brush in her hand. Maddie