Magna Carter

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pssst, Maddie was wrong. I was going to research secondary characters, but I realize I hadn't hit the family tree research in a while. I found a few more geneaology sites with message boards. In turn I discovered quite a bit of chatter about the Billingsley book and some of the ancestors. I don't have the documentation, but apparently a link has been established between John Billingsley as being a descendant of a Magna Carter signer, the Crusader Sayer de Quincy. In fact, other descendants of John Billingsley have successfully applied to the Magna Carter Society. Cool. I haven't calculated how many great, great's John B. is removed, but it does give me a thrill to have the connection. :) Carol

American Immigrants decended from Magna Charta Barons