Suspend Michael Vick

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm an avid football much so that during the season my friends know better to call me on a Sunday afternoon. While I understand the players come from all walks of life and backgrounds, they are stand as role models for younger players.

That's why the NFL Commissioner Goodell needs to throw the book at the cretin Michael Vick. His crime is heinous and inexcusable. I understand his trial won't be for six months, and of course I understand he's innocent until proven innocent. But he is a suspected murderer; a dog's life is just as precious as any other. Vick needs to be suspended until the trial. To allow him to play would be unconscionable and to condone the charges against him. The Humane Society is running a campaign to urge the cretin's suspension. The link is: ?

Of course, if I were on the jury, my sentence for Vick would be to throw him into a pen of the dogs he's abused and let them have at him.



Toni Lea Andrews said...

I already sent an email to the commissioner. This is disgraceful!