Bone to pick with my human

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Maddie here.

I have a major bone to pick with Carol. She's been doing this makeover project on the TV room. Now I have a special chair in that room with my own cushion. I lie there for hours, watching over Carol to make sure she's okay.

Well, this weekend, after she finished touching up the ceiling and ceiling trim, she decided the layout of the furniture didn't serve the work she does in the room so she moved things around...including my chair! And horrors of horrors, she said that eventually the chair will have to go because it's too big for the room. I was so mad that I wanted to nip her heel, but instead I put my favorite toy in the chair. I just know she wouldn't do a thing to the chair so long as my toy's there...or would she?

She did reassure me that it will be a while so my chair's safe for now, and I'll have to keep giving her kisses. Maddie