Our Second Anniversary

Friday, June 1, 2007

Maddie here. Believe it or not, today is Carol's and my second anniversary together.

For those who don't know our story, I was left in my dog carrier case at a fire station [I have totally wiped away any memory of my former life. Everything is now "AC"...After Carol!]. A paramedic's wife took me in and then went around the building where she worked, looking for a good home for me. Carol's friend knew she was dog hungry so shot her an email. Fate was smiling brightly on us for Carol came to see me. When she stood on the other side of the door from me, I knew she was the human destined for me. I went home with her and now we're a team.

To celebrate, Carol took me to Wendy's tonight. She ordered my favorite meal - a double cheeseburger of which she gives me one pattie. Yum! She promised to keep me an extra-special brushing tonight. Then tomorrow is my beauty day at PetSmart grooming. I made a good choice in humans, don't you think? Later, I have to go sit by her feet and look adoringly at her. Maddie


kate said...

Oh what an adorable tail -- I mean, tale.

Happy anniversary!


Carol Stephenson said...

Hiya Kate!!!! Don't let those chocolate brown eyes fool you. Maddie managed to get 1/2 of my hamburger as well. :) Carol

Mary Stella said...

Maddie, I didn't know the story of how you and Carol got together. How good for both of you. Happy anniversary to you both!