The June photo from my calendar

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm braindead from driving to/from Port St. Lucie today for a deposition. For my job I average 200 miles/week in drive time. At times I can work on writing in my head, but not today as the weather was treacherous and drivers were doing all sorts of crazy things on slick roads. So I'll just post the June photo from my calendar. This is a shot of the town of Manchester. :) Carol


Erica Orloff said...

Hi Carol:
Loved reading about Maddie on your blog. And I love this picture of Manchester. Have to tell you . . . it looks a LOT like where I live now. I don't miss South Florida--though I wouldn't mind a dip in the coean once in a while.

Hope all is well,

Carol Stephenson said...

Oh, Erica, am I envious!!! If I could have this view without Vermont's winters...

And not many people are getting a dip in the ocean at the moment with all the riptides we've been having. :) Carol