Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ack! A friend called during "So You Think You Can Dance" tonight. Although I answered on my cell phone and turned the TV on moot, I still missed the middle 4 couples. I was hoping to get a feel for the individuals. I know I like Lacey, Benjy's sister, and I also know that I'm cheering for a woman to win. The contest has had two male winners so it's time for the women to kick butt. From what I did see, it should be the year of the women dancers. There were a number of good ones...I just couldn't catch their names or get a good impression so I'll know one from another.

Still, I think the overall quality of all the dancers has improved over the prior years of the contest. Good for the viewers. Now you ask, why do I love dancing so much?

Until I turned 12 and discovered I could not make the transition from ballet to toe because of my flat feet, I wanted to be a Rockette on Broadway. I took dance from ~age 4 until I was 12. So here's a thrill for you, one of the first pictures of me during dance recital. See what you missed!
:) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

You've got my vote. Although I think the "I Love You" patch is blatant judge pandering.

Carol Stephenson said...

Whatever works, Toni. Whatever works. :) Carol