It's raining!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We're having a second wave of rain post-TS Barry. We really need it, but the storm moved in before I got home from work. The main problem is this is a thunder-boomer and not safe to be out in. I've had to dash out with Maddie 2x now during lulls so she can take care of business. Normally, the first we do when I get home is go for a walk, but so far tonight no walk. I keep monitoring the viper radar on a local TV channel, but I'm not spotting a break. Both Little Darling and Maddie are hanging very close to me--Little Darling on the sofa and Maddie at my feet--as the storm is spooking them. Here's a shot I took of Maddie over the weekend after her beauty appointment. She gets a 'greenie' as a treatment while I'm writing. :) Carol


Mary Stella said...

That is an adorable photo!

Carol Stephenson said...


Thank you! With that dark mask Maddie has, it is so tough to take a shot where you can see her wonderful eyes. Not that I'm biased or anything. :) Carol