Little Darling

Monday, June 4, 2007

Within the past month or so, a young neighborhood girl has discovered my love kitty, Little Darling. Her mother does the commendable work of fostering rescued animals and at one point fostered a litter of kittens. Apparently, her daughter developed a real affinity. The kids play basketball on the street, and on occasion my cat goes out to watch, and that's how they met.

Now on occasion my doorbell rings and I find the girl on the doorstep, asking if the cat is around. In other words, asking if Little Darling can come out and play. I then locate the cat and hand her over, telling both of them to have a good time. At times the girl will return Little Darling all wrapped up in a small blanket. You should see the look of ecstacy on the cat's face. The girl also has a box of playthings in it, and she'll sit and play with the cat while the basketball game goes on.

It's absolutely precious to watch them together. And here's a shot of my Little Darling. :) Carol