Saturday, June 9, 2007

Today's Florida Romance Writers' meeting was all about technology...If you know me, you know that technology and I don't mix. However, I learned a lot interspersed with socializing.

For example, Aleka Nakis and Sharon Hartley told me all about 'flash drives' so immediately following the meeting at the Airport Sheraton Hotel I went and purchased one flash drive for my books and one for my photos. While my mind tried to absorb this technological advance, I scoped out Nancy Cohen's gorgeous necklace and Karen Kendall's adorable outfit [loved the sandals!]. As Kathleen Pickering and I both had the good taste to wear pink, we endeavored to get everyone likewise wearing pink to sit at our table.

It's looking like quite a contingency of our members will be attending Heather Graham's Writers workshop in New Orleans over the Labor Day weekend.

When my brain cells had regenerated enough from flash drives, I listened to the program featuring Melanie Heyworth of, who spoke about websites; Mary Stella, our resident blog meister; and then Rhonda Pollero and Traci Hall [of the] discussed the latest in book marketing: iPodcasting. Rhonda most effectively demonstrated the use of a USB microphone and patiently explained to me what an iPod is. Of course, she cited to her buddy Cherry Adair as being one author who is always on the edge of technology and writing.

Although exhausted by this influx of information, I rallied long enough to sign up for our Super Saturday [coming in September] that will feature the tremendous word smith Stephanie Bond.

Later, Maddie needs a walk. :) Carol


Rhonda said...

Carol - it was great to see you and belive me, if I can do this stuff, you can too. One of the greatest things about the meeting - aside from seeing so many friends - was how open everyone seemed to give stuff a try. Flash drives are a must have! My other favorite cheap gadget is a wifi detector (under $10.00). It fits on a keyring and with the press of a button, you can find a wifi signal anywhere. Now, I fully expect to see you with headphones draped around your next in the near future. I swear, once you get an MP3 player, you'll never go back!