Cool again

Friday, June 15, 2007

I spent a vacation day listening to the a/c crew install my new unit. The air handler is in the attic so for the better part of the day, I heard the ceiling creak and groan. Maddie was simply ferocious. She didn't like all the strange men in her house at all; she certainly lived up to her breed, the lion dog. I finally had to crate her. With all the disruption, I only got a little writing done, but I'm almost have the latest proposal finished. Once that happens, I'll start tackling the TV room. It needs a makeover from ceiling to floor so I know it's a tremendous undertaking...which is why I keep putting it off. I figure if I buy the paint that will motivate me.

Tonight I'll have a good night's sleep. Then it's off to the car dealership to get a replacement radio [the dashboard light malfunctioned] and hopefully catch an early show of Fantastic Four. Have to get my adventure flick fix. :) Carol