Pirates III

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When my sister and her husband raved about Pirates I, I went to see it and thought, 'wow'. I really enjoyed the movie. So I eagerly looked forward to No. 2 and was disappointed. There was neither story nor character arcs; just a bunch of action scenes thrown together. But I thought, okay. Spielberg didn't do so hot with Indiana Jones 2 and that could have been Bruckheimer's [spelling] problem.

I saw Pirates III over the weekend and but for the special effects, I would have hated this movie. Once more, no character/story arcs and I could have thrown my popcorn at the screen over the ending for the so-called romance. Ick! Clearly, Bruckheimer is no storyteller on the level of a George Lucas or Peter Jackson. The first three Star War movies all had a completed story; they each could stand alone. Yes, there were bridges/links between them, but there was a character arc and resolution. Although Peter Jackson dealt with a known series of books, again, each Lord of the Ring movie could stand alone. While threads led to the next movie, there was a resolution in each movie that left the viewer satisfied.

Pirates I-III ultimately derailed into a hodge-podge of action scenes. Mind you, I live, breath and eat action movies, but this series was so disappointing. There was a story to be told but it failed to recognize it. I won't be buying the DVD when it comes out.