Weekend Warrior

Monday, October 22, 2007

Why is it that a 2-day weekend beckons with endless possibilities on Friday? Then on Sunday night you're faced with exhaustion and tired muscles?

With the proposal done, I once more tackled the family room make-over, more precisely the 16' long built-in bookcase/cabinet with all sorts of nooks and crannies. Saturday I sanded and cleaned the sucker. Then Sunday I applied the primer coat. Oh my. I divided it into 4 sections and took frequent breaks, but each section took about an hour. One not only has to paint the top of the shelf but underneath it as well. But at the conclusion of the day, aching feet notwithstanding, I had finished it.

I'd conferred with several people, and all were unanimous that I should just skip painting the interior of the cabinet portion. But I sat on the sofa Sunday night with a heating pad wrapped around my feet and told myself that I needed to gut it up. The project would just look too incomplete if I didn't paint the interior of the cabinets.

So tonight when I got home, I cleared out the cabinets. If all goes well, I'll sand and clean that section tomorrow night and then prime on Wednesday. Then the big push over next weekend will be to paint.

My feet groan at the thought. I promised them another heating pad wrap. :) Carol