Monday, October 8, 2007

I love football. Love it. I can spend hours watching the games. Happiness is when the preliminary season begins in August. Since it is a contact sport, I know there are going to be injuries, but one always hopes for the best.

However, when a player seriously injures another and then stands over the prone body of the injured player and taunts him, I draw a line. What Houston defensive tackle Travis Johnson did Sunday was reprehensible. To stand over Trent Green, who was unconscious from a grade III concussion, and verbally abuse the quaterback was obscene. A 1 5-yard penalty wasn't enough. One could argue that Johnson didn't know how injured the quarterback, to which I would reply, "Exactly. He didn't know so the humane and moral reaction should have been to be concerned. To join in the prayer for the injured player. Instead, the defensive tackle was still ranting and raving in the locker room because he had been penalized. He should get more than 15 yards for his continuing conduct; he should be slapped with a hefty fine.

Granted, I'm a Dolphin fan, but I would be outraged if a Dolphin did it to a downed Houston player. Such conduct by any player should not be condoned. This is a tough enough game; it doesn't need to lower itself to brutality. Carol