This Week's Bad Moves

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Okay, this Ellen Degeneres vs. pet adoption agency controvery that erupted today. While I"m sure there's a bunch of he said/she said going on, the bottom-line is the agency went and took the dog from two young girls. Come off it, folks. You could have sent that very same representative to interview the family to whom Ellen gave the dog and made sure it was a good home. The gestapo tactics were way over the top. Nice going on showing kids on how to act as adults...not!!!! Those who run the agency need to get a life. What a horrible move.

Now, more locally. The attorney rip-off bill of the year: the court appointed guardian for the Ana Nicole Smith baby. $200,000. for a few weeks work? I have several friends who act as court-appointed guardian/attorney ad litem for children. They work for very little, volunteer a lot of time and are outstanding attorneys with hearts of gold. They could run legal circles around this guy any day. Another costly, bad mistake by the now defunct judge. No wonder people don't like and don't trust attorneys. There should have been a flat fee, not to exceed $200/hr, with a cap on the amount of hours. Anything higher than that the attorney should have been made to come back to court and account for any excess before it was expended. To make a carte blanche appointment and then for the firm to take advantage...sigh.