The dog story part II

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I woke up this morning to the news that the pet adoption agency entangled with that Ellen star has received death threats....that's ridiculous. I do fully understand and support a pet agency that is concerned about the well-being of the animals and screen families who want to adopt. Clearly, there are folks who shouldn't have a dog, etc. And that Ellen person did the usual star thing thinking she was above rules and regulations. The only thing I questioned in the whole mess was sending the police to grab the dog from the two little girls when the agency could have used the opportunity to interview the family. What I don't know/haven't heard is whether the girl's family refused to let the agency near the which case then resorting to the police may have been the only option. Then it's shame on the parents for putting their kids through the experience.

But death threats against the agency's staff?!? Get a life. I hope the police/district attorney investigate that Ellen's publicist. I heard the tape recording of her threats, and it sure sounded criminally actionable.

And I hope when I get home tonight the brouhaha is over and that Ellen person no longer has her face all over the news. I am very tired of these spoiled Hollywood brats/egos occupying the news. There are real people with real problems who deserve their stories to be heard. Carol