Dancing With The Stars: Shell-shocked

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Okay, Sabina/Sabrina was not my personal favorite, but given her performances up to last night, I figured she would be one of the final two. And while my sentimental favs are Jane Seymour and Marie Osmond [okay, so I'm dating myself], I knew it was time for both of them to take their final bows.

I don't know what happened with last night's voting, but if the purpose of the show is to award the best dancer, that premise got royally screwed. I realize popularity and the counter-vote culture that developed during this year's AI play a role, but come on. Sigh, Carol


Mary Stella said...

Sabrina and Mark appeared on Good Morning America this morning and were very gracious. One major point that was made is that the viewing public often thinks that the front runners, or the clearly better dancers, are such shoe-ins (bad pun) that they don't need votes. Sabrina and Mark have done so well that even their fans figured they didn't have to vote. Just goes to show the error of that thinking!

I think they're terrific and never voted for them. I voted for Jane and Tony instead because I love the two of them and figured they needed my help.

I'm as guilty as anyone else!