Transformers/The Hunt of Researching

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I was a bad girl tonight. I'd planned on sanding the bookcase so I can at least prime it this weekend [it covers an entire wall so I'm not even remotely going to think I can prime and paint in one weekend]. However, when I arrived home, my Nextflix envelope was in the mailbox with the movie Transformers. I'd missed it at the theatre this summer so I settled on the couch and watched it. Enjoyed it although I couldn't tell which robot was which in the fight scenes.

On the legal front, I had a good day. In this age of the Internet, I usually ask a whole series of questions about onlinw use when deposing a claimant [do you have a website, trade on ebay, etc]. In a case I had mediation in today, I'd startled a young woman during her deposition by asking if she had a myspace page...It turned out she did and what was on that page contrasted sharply with the image she was trying to portray. Her page proved very useful during the mediation.

What I love most about my job is the hunt, and when I can catch people lying or mispresenting things...sweet! I visited another blog where they were talking about research, and research is one of those links between the night and day job for me. Whether reserching Merlin or Googling a claimant's name and finding a board where he's spilled the beans about his life, I never grow tired of the search. :) Carol